About Us

Sleep monitoring for everyone

SleepActa is a spin-off startup company of the University of Pisa, born from the experience of a team of researchers and clinicians who have been studying sleep and its disorders for years, from its role in the modulation of sports performance to its clinical impairment.

At SleepActa we study sleep non-invasively in a naturalistic environment. Through the use of wearable devices and the application of machine learning algorithms we provide:

  • Accurate and validated monitoring of sleep quantity and quality
  • automatic transmission and analysis of collected data; sleep-wake cycle profile generation and analysis

Ugo Faraguna

Professor at University of Pisa and Stella Maris Foundation
Sonnolab Director

Umberto Olcese

Eng. and Prof. in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam

Tommaso Banfi

PhD in Biorobotics

Nicolò Valigi

Eng. Head of Artificial Intelligence at

Dino Faraguna

30 years of experience as Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director in public and private facilities

Founded in 2015, Red Lions is an industrial holding company with selected stakes in several small-to-medium sized Tuscan companies operating in the field of innovation with a technological leadership position.


Luca Foschini

Cofounder, Chief Data Scientist – Evidation Health

Andrea Vecchi

Cofounder & CTO – Liberologico


Michele Petroni

Business Development

Francesca Bettosini Giusti

Marketing Manager

Simone Antonelli

Product Specialist

Marco Di Galante

Technical Support