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Innovating and simplifying sleep diagnostics

Sleepacta is a startup company spin-off of the University of Pisa, which was born from the experience of a team of researchers, doctors and engineers who have been studying sleep for years, from its role in the modulation of sports performance to its clinical impairment.



Dormi, Artificial Intelligence for sleep analysis

A certified, made-in-Italy solution based on neural networks, trained on more than 6,500 actigraphic examinations and validated in over 10 years of research.


To know more about sleep

Well-being and health start with sleep, find out why

There is a direct correlation between sleep disorders and a number of diseases and improving sleep diagnostics can help treat them.


Areas of application

Dormi, an algorithm easily integrated into all Healthtech systems

Based on a full-API approach and designed to be an as-a-service solution, Dormi technology can be easily integrated into existing software platforms, regardless of the field of specialization or business.


Dormi - Sleep analysis evolution
The most advanced and reliable artificial intelligence algorithm for simplified sleep-wake cycle diagnostics

Dormi, our neural network, as-a-service.

The need to study the sleep-wake cycle in large populations led Sleepacta to create an algorithm capable of simple, accurate, and certified monitoring and reporting of sleep quantity and quality.

Reports & KPI

Sleep parameters* calculated
in the Sleepacta actigraphic report

*from internal data, european guidelines and patient age

Wake After Sleep Onset

Awakenings after falling asleep (in min)

Total Sleep Time

Total sleep time (in min)

Sleep Efficiency

Sleep efficiency (in %)

Sleep Regularity Index

How regular is sleep

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Validation and clinical certification

The Dormi algorithm applied to accelerometric raw data has been validated by many clinical studies and has been compared to polysomnography (to date the gold standard), both in healthy subjects and those with known sleep disorders. Thanks to this, since 2018 Dormi is a CE-certified Class I medical device, registered with the Italian Ministry of Health (RDM database no. 1763747, CDN Z12030682).

Wave Background
Wave Background


Dormi - Sleep analysis evolution
Are you interested in integrating the Dormi algorithm into your diagnostic systems?


A team of sleep scientists

Sleepacta counts, among its founders, a group of Italian researchers, engineers and clinicians, who still lead the company’s scientific team today. Most of them, who come from the academic excellence of the university Scuola Superiore e di Perfezionamento of the Sant’Anna in Pisa, gained added experience abroad at the world’s best research labs on sleep-wake cycle regulation mechanisms.

In addition to neuroscientific know-how, the team offers a very high level of expertise in Artificial Intelligence tools and techniques. The skills of the founding team have been harmonized and integrated with professional profiles coming from corporate backgrounds with experience in multinational contexts. This has given Sleepacta a new and more efficient structure in the process of development and conversion from a University spin-off to full-fledged company.


Projects and Research

SonnoLab, research in the company DNA

Sleepacta’s foundations lie in the fertile soil of academic research. In particular, the nature of the university spinoff is such that Sleepacta’s R&D component is developed within SonnoLab. This laboratory is based at the ‘Giuseppe Moruzzi’ Institute of Physiology of the University of Pisa, one of the temples of modern sleep research. SonnoLab hosts research fellows, PhD students, and students from the Schools of Medicine and Engineering. One of the main research lines concerns the validation and development of wearable sleep monitoring systems, feeding the concept of technology transfer and academic third mission.

Customers and Partners

Scientifically validated technologies at the service of our customers

Sleepacta boasts partnerships and develops projects in collaboration with schools of excellence, research centers and university foundations of international standing, and applies its technologies in the field, in collaboration with hospitals.

Scientific Publications

Our scientific publications

Our team of clinical researchers at SonnoLab works tirelessly to produce scientific validations.


To know more about sleep

Well-being and health start with sleep, find out why

There is a direct correlation between sleep disorders and a number of diseases and improving sleep diagnostics can help treat them.