Artificial Intelligence for sleep analysis

A certified, Made in Italy, solution, based on neural networks and validated in over 10 years of research.


Our neural network, as-a-service.

The need to study sleep in large populations of subjects led to the creation of a service to monitor sleep quantity and quality, as well as automatic reporting of collected data.

  • DORMI is an algorithm that is the result of 10 years of research, involving physicians, bioengineers and artificial intelligence experts
  • DORMI has been tested on low-cost commercial wearable devices (Fitbit and others) and validated against the gold standard (PSG) in over 500 registrations
  • DORMI is based on the optimization of a neural network architecture, trained on over 6,000 actigraphic examinations
  • DORMI is available via API REST

Dormi is a class I CE-marked medical device. Since November 15, 2018, it has been included in the Medical Device Register of the Italian Ministry of Health.

BD/RDM Record ID: 1763747
Class: 1 - National Classification of Medical Devices (CND): Z12030682

Reports & KPI

Sleep parameters calculated in the Sleepacta's actigraphic report


Wake After Sleep Onset

Awakenings after falling asleep (in minutes). From guidelines: <30 minutes


Total Sleep Time

Total sleep time (in minutes). From guidelines: >6h (age dependent)


Sleep Efficiency

Sleep efficiency (in %). From guidelines: > 80%

Some examples of reports produced by the algorithm. In grey the sleep detected, in red the awakenings.


Scientifically validated technologies at the service of our customers.

SleepActa maintains active collaborations with schools of excellence, research centers and university foundations of international level, and applies its technologies on the field in collaboration with hospitals and clinics.