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Dormi, an algorithm easily integrated into all Healthtech systems
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Dormi, a flexible solution designed for easy integration

Due to the flexibility with which the algorithmic component has been developed and the API architecture Layer provided in an as-a-service mode, Sleepacta is planning, in addition to standard sleep analysis, a verticalization of its solution within different specialized clinical areas, each one with an ad hoc dedicated output.

Sleepacta addresses different stakeholders, from large hospitals to pharma industries or third-party companies producing medical technologies that in turn supply hospitals and clinics, healthcare institutions and pharma industries, and that, also thanks to the availability of customized outputs, aim to equip themselves with analysis and diagnostic models based on Sleepacta’s neural network algorithms, easily integrated in a full API mode into their platforms.

Sleep apnoea screening

Scientifically validated and also medically certified, Sleepacta has developed Dormi Apnea, a specific algorithm for estimating the risk of sleep apnoea, of particular interest to various medical areas such as the dental sleep medicine, neurological and pulmonological clinical areas.

Pharmaceutical Industry

As of today, with Dormi, companies producing drugs or supplements can make use of a customized output to identify sleep disorders in order to suggest the use of specific supplements or to monitor the actual effectiveness of a given therapy or treatment afterwards.

Research Centres

Through a simple download of the raw data, the Dormi database is available to research centers with different clinical objectives: often to share the large amount of data acquired during years of research and clinical trials.

Both public and private hospital facilities

The future of diagnostics lies in the adoption of increasingly smarter and less invasive tools, technologies and modalities that are nevertheless capable of providing reliable and certified answers at reduced costs. Meeting all these requirements, Dormi is already an alternative system to polysomnography for many hospitals and as a screening tool for the detection of sleep-related disorders, turning out to be interesting to different specialist areas (psychiatry, neurology, pneumology).

Sports medicine

It is now well established that the quality of sports performance is closely linked to the quality of sleep. This is why Sleepacta has launched a project, in collaboration with AKERN, to develop a dedicated solution for Sport Medicine experts.


Sleep disorders in children, affecting patients and their parents, are a very common phenomenon. Dormi represents, especially for children, a non-invasive diagnostic system that gains higher compliance (even over a longer period of time) due to the ease of application than polysomnography. For this reason, it has been adopted as a screening system for a pilot study project for an oral supplement line of products financed by the company Steve Jones - “Buona”, with the participation of Stella Maris and the approval of the Meyer Ethics Committee with Prof. Ugo Faraguna and Dr. Simona Fiori, a child neuropsychiatrist and researcher at UNIPI, as scientific Project Leads.

Occupational medicine and insurance

The effects of sleep deprivation on deteriorating work performance in adults are well known. Dormi is one of the tools that can detect, in a simple and effective way, conditions of lack of well-being or psychophysical balance due to non-restful, of particular interest in shift workers or employees with special duties.


Dormi - Sleep analysis evolution
The most advanced and reliable artificial intelligence algorithm for simplified sleep-wake cycle diagnostics

Dormi, our neural network, as-a-service.

The need to study the sleep-wake cycle in large populations led Sleepacta to create an algorithm capable of simple, accurate, and certified monitoring and reporting of sleep quantity and quality:


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