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Innovating and simplifying sleep diagnostics
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Sleepacta is a spin-off company of the University of Pisa, which was born from the experience of a team of researchers, doctors, and engineers who have been studying sleep for years, from its role in the modulation of sports performance to its clinical impairment.

Sleepacta aims to contribute to people’s well-being by increasing awareness of the importance of good sleep for health, simplifying the way it is measured through the development of innovative, large-scale screening techniques and technologies, capable of defining a new sleep atlas that can support the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that are often under-diagnosed.

The methodological approach introduced by Sleepacta involves monitoring sleep quantity and quality in a naturalistic environment, collecting the patient’s physiological parameters through simple wearable sensorized trackers (actigraphs), and then converting them, through certified and validated artificial intelligence algorithms, into reliable analysis and diagnosis.


Develop increasingly advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to simplify the analysis and diagnosis of sleep and related disorders.

Corporate flexibility serving the Health-tech market

Thanks to a lean company organization capable of adapting to custom requests, Sleepacta is therefore a technological and scientific partner for hospital organizations, companies operating in the vast world of Health-tech, and those in the pharma industry, wishing to enrich their services through the evolved features of our algorithms.


Simplifying sleep analysis and diagnostics

The “gold standard ” technique used to date to study sleep in the clinical setting is called polysomnography, a challenging diagnostic test that requires the application on the patient of invasive electrodes, bands and sensors that record during the course of a night some basic physiological parameters. However, despite polysomnography being the most accurate exam, it is very uncomfortable, lending itself very poorly for widespread use, to study disorders such as chronic insomnia or sleep apnea, very often underdiagnosed. Other screening tools mentioned in the guidelines and commonly used to study sleep are questionnaires, but these are obviously much less reliable and open to many diverse interpretations.

This gave rise to the idea of developing Dormi, a simple and non-invasive diagnostic system, capable of accurate and simplified sleep-wake cycle screening through simple actigraphs, that are easily wearable and not bulky, and that return data analyzed and reworked by a specific algorithm, then provided to third parties through authenticated REST APIs. The data thus are made available through easy-to-read actigraphic reports and graphs.

Historical background


Sleepacta is founded


Dormi is registered at the Ministry of health as an EC class I medical device

First investment from “Samba Dream” (via cloud funding, thanks to 54 small investors)


Sleepacta is made available in hospitals and pharmacies


Alzheimer’s publication – Actigraphy is proposed as a valid tool for identifying health status. Insomnia could be a cause not a symptom of various neurodegenerative diseases


Dormi’s validation paper is published – 81 patients were tested simultaneously with the PSG and Dormi algorithm

Entry of Red Lions s.r.l. into the corporate structure


Scientific rigor and accuracy

Sleepacta's foundations are rooted in the fertile soil of academic research; scientific rigor and data accuracy are therefore an integral part of our operational approach and values.

Simplified reliability

Sleepacta's algorithms were created with the aim of reaching the gold standard in terms of reliability, but overcoming it in flexibility and ease of use.

People's well-being

Sleepacta works to develop solutions designed to improve people's health conditions by enhancing the quality of their sleep and placing great emphasis on non-invasive data collection.

Excellence and Networking

Sleepacta is the result of excellence in Italian public academic education (Scuola Sant'Anna) and benefits from the founders' research experience gathered abroad in the world's best research Labs in the field of sleep-wake cycle regulation mechanisms (Center for Sleep and Consciousness at the University of Wisconsin-Madison). Added to this is the fact that Sleepacta's scientific team belongs to the Sant'Anna alumni network, a group of excellent expertise that enriches and stimulates the company's know-how on a daily basis.

Staff empowerment

Sleepacta enhances the value of its employees through the growth of their skills and by improving the company's internal potential through the involvement, motivation and awareness of all its collaborators.

Flexibility and diagnostic alliance

Sleepacta is a lean organization capable of modeling itself to the needs of its stakeholders; the solutions it develops are designed to be easily integrated and are based on a diagnostic and therapeutic alliance with health professionals eager to share and enhance the value of sleep screening.

Innovation Made in Italy

Innovation is our focus, both in terms of performance and in terms of vision. Living inside the university world, made us aware that Italy is capable of expressing valuable innovation and of competing globally with technological innovation in the clinical field.



A team of sleep scientists

Sleepacta counts, among its founders, a group of Italian researchers, engineers and clinicians, who still lead the company’s scientific team today. Most of them, who come from the academic excellence of the university Scuola Superiore e di Perfezionamento of the Sant’Anna in Pisa, gained added experience abroad at the world’s best research labs on sleep-wake cycle regulation mechanisms.

In addition to neuroscientific know-how, the team offers a very high level of expertise in Artificial Intelligence tools and techniques. The skills of the founding team have been harmonized and integrated with professional profiles coming from corporate backgrounds with experience in multinational contexts. This has given Sleepacta a new and more efficient structure in the process of development and conversion from a University spin-off to full-fledged company.

Wave Background
Wave Background


Dormi - Sleep analysis evolution
Are you interested in integrating the Dormi algorithm into your diagnostic systems?

Customers and Partners

Scientifically validated technologies at the service of our customers

Sleepacta boasts partnerships and develops projects in collaboration with schools of excellence, research centers and university foundations of international standing, and applies its technologies in the field, in collaboration with hospitals.