Should you trust your wearable device?

Despite the widespread use of commercial wearable devices, the accuracy of physiological data they collect is rarely tested rigorously. A study conducted by our research group compared the heart rate measured by a popular model with the values recorded by electrocardiography.

How sleep can help you learn

The regulation of synaptic plasticity, which in turn makes learning possible, is one of the many functions sleep fulfils. The study recently published by Salehinejad and colleagues helps clarify what happens in sleep deprived humans’ brains when they try to learn.

The role of sleep in stress management

During the first-wave lockdown, Italian poor sleepers followed an unhealthy lifestyle as a maladaptive coping strategy aimed at reducing the discomfort related to both the pandemic and the restrictive measures. The results of our study suggest that good sleep quality might help better manage stressful situations.